Assess your prep with our NEET Test Series

How exam ready are you? Find out with our NEET Test Series.

Assess your prep with our NEET Test Series

You’ve slogged. Burned the midnight oil. Planned and prepped down to the very last detail. But as they say, practice arenas are different from the real thing. And that’s where the Momentum NEET Test Series steps in. It’s an all-India competitive exam, designed to mimic the pattern of the actual test.

A NEET Design

The test is modelled around the actual NEET exam pattern. This will give you a real world feel before sitting the actual exam; a test-drive, if you will.

Comprehensive Coverage

The NEET Test Series is designed to assess your preparation on every level. Hence, the questions cover the entire span of the NEET syllabus.

A Peek at the Competition

The NEET Test Series is an India-wide examination. This means you will be pitted against NEET aspirants from across the country.

Time-bound Tests

The NEET is known not just for its vast syllabus, but also the mammoth time-management skills it requires. The NEET Test Series follows the exact duration of the test.

Detailed Evaluation

We will give you a detailed evaluation of your performance.

Momentum NEET Test Series Overview

Here’s a summary of the NEET Test Series.

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